Error: FMOD failed to initialize

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums here. I have a question, I installed Unity3D on my new laptop, and I have been working on Unity before on my desktop. Recently I’ve been getting this error:

FMOD failed to initialize … A call to a standard soundcard driver failed, which could possibly mean a bug in the driver or resources were missing or exhausted.

I don’t know what the problem is… I’m not using FMOD in any special way, I’m just adding sounds into Unity as usual. Please help.


The FMOD issue seems to cause wav or other audio files to not want to import. I fixed the issue on my Windows 10 laptop by right clicking on the volume control in the system tray and selecting “Playback devices”. From there I was able to see the multiple playback devices listed. I disabled one started Unity 5x and still got the FMOD error message. Went back into “Playback devices” and re-enabled the playback device and disabled the other. Now I had a red X in the system tray over the volume control icon. BUT… I brought up Unity and NO FMOD error message. The import thing was that now my import worked without crashing and surprisingly I still had sound to my headphones. Go figure. Don’t forget to re-enable your playback device. We may just have to get used to the disable enable procedure because of the sound card driver issues.

Shutting down VoiceMeeter and setting my soundcard as the Default Playback and Default Recording devices fixed this crash for me.

in my case, it was problem of audio driver after update for win 8.1. I had to download and install driver from HP (I have HP notebook). This was not problem of unity at all but system. I could not play wav file.

This is possibly an issue with the AudioSrv service in Windows. Go to the TaskManager. Go to the Services tab. Find ‘AudioSrv’ in the list, right click and Restart it. Then restart Unity. Should fix it.

I removed from scene SoundSource with AudioClip located in Resources folder, reboot computer and it works brilliant. Do not hold clip which is referenced by SoundSorce in Resources or it children, move it to other folder.

Another more simple cause is that you may have another software application which has taken over control of your audio device. So for example, if you have a music programme like Steinberg’s Cubase open and you then try to open Unity - you’ll get the error, because the Editor can’t get control of the audio device.

You can tell this is happening because other apps trying to play audio (e.g. Windows Media Player, or playing a YouTube clip in your browser) will also fail.

This fixed it for me!! Disable Nahimic services in Task manager! Don’t know what they are, why they’re there (probably not harmful). Been having this problem for months, nothing fixing it and this finally did! Hope this fixes it for someone else!

  • Caspar / NightRunner

As mentioned in another post in this thread, VoiceMeeter can cause this issue. Although, it may not need to be shut down to resolve the problem. If a VoiceMeeter virtual input or a VirtualCable input are used as the default sound In/Out patch, check to ensure the kernal streaming (KS) driver interface option is not used. WDM works for me – no issues with Unity. I believe MME works as well. This originally hit when I installed a VirtualCable and then piped the default system through it to VoiceMeeter Potato and accidentally selected the KS interface.