error getting directory contents /Applications/Unity/

Hi Someone my concern:

We are currently using Unity 5.6.1f1, and integrated the project with perforce.
The builtin plugin works perfectly on windows and some macs.

Now I have a problem on my specific Mac:
On opening the project , there is an error “Unknown version control plugin: Perforce”
Then I traced to the Unity log, there is an error as title described “error getting directory contents /Applications/Unity/”.

I am pretty sure the workflow used to work for this mac.
Days ago, I upgrade my mac from “macOs Sierre” to “macOs High Sierre”. I am not sure is it related.

Anyone have any ideas?

@hugebug On your mac can you open the contents of your installed Unity and explore to see if the folder “Tool/VersionControl” exists and what files it has in it?

This should be part of the normal Unity installation.