Error importing Oculus Integration 1.36

I got an email saying “Oculus just updated Oculus Integration to version 1.36”

I checked the “Importing the Oculus Utilities Package” page.

I deleted ALL my previous Unity/Oculus projects (entire projects), including an older Oculus Integration, samples, etc. Anything to do eoth Oculus was deleted from the Unity/OculusVR projects directory

I then emptied the recycle bin

I then ran ccleaner on, both cleaner and registry.

I then shut down my computer, and then restarted.

I then Create a Unity Project named Oculus_Int_1.36

I then imported the new Oculus Integration version 1.36 package into the newly created project

After download and import completed there were 30 messages and 1 error.

The error was: “AssetImporter is referencing an asset from the previous import. This should not happen.”

There is no more information regarding the error.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

You might still have something from the older version in the Plugins folder