Error importing package from mac to pc

Me and my college have both Unity3D 2.6.1f3 (pro) installed. I'm using Windows XP, he is using mac OSX. When I export a package to him he can import it in unity. This works fine. But when he exports a package and I try to import it we always get the same error: "Error while importing package: Package has unknown format" Despite the content of the package.

Because he is the modeler and I am the programmer this is a big problem for us.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or is this a bug in Unity?

Thanks, Henk Jan Baard The Netherlands

I just faced the same problem with Unity 3.4.1f5. I can’t even import a standard package on a MacOSX, and that just because the project sits on a FAT32 disc it seems. When I move it on my OSX System disc, it just works.

I guess we are many to work on both Windows and OSX. We do the 3D on windows, with 3dsmax (what else) and the coding on Mac, because you can’t work on an iOS project without Xcode.

On the Mac perform the following in a terminal:

sudo cp /usr/bin/tar /usr/bin/tar-backup
sudo cp /usr/bin/gnutar /usr/bin/tar

This will allow a Mac user to export (create) unity packages that Windows (x86) users can consume.

The reason is that Mac uses a BSD version archiving program which is a later more POSIX compliant version than the Windows based version can understand. This leads to errors in the header file resulting in the “unsupported file format”

If for some reason the above is not feasible, which is the easiest work-around, you can download bsdtar for Windows (x86) and manually decompress the Mac generated version of the unity package and then “re-tar” the package manually, e.g.:

[example.unitypackage from Mac that is now on PC]
bsdstar -zxvf example.unitypackage
del example.unitypackage
tar -cf example.unitypackage
[Resume regular Unity3D package import steps]