Error: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect (Same Machine, No Changes to Folders)

Hi All,

I know this question was asked many times. But everywhere it is said they are trying in new machine and all that. But I was working on my mac with absolutely no changes to any folder structure. I built my game 4 times and it was all successful. But when I built the 5th time(all builds within 30 mins without any changes to machine or folders), I started getting this error.

I also tried these steps: . But I am not seeing human readable text in ProjectSettings.asset. This is how it is:

So I do not know what to do with this.

I haven’t taken a backup of my keystore…I know my bad ! But I wonder why it would say “keystore was tampered” on the same machine without any changes. Actually this has happened many times in Unity3d and I usually create a new keystore. But I didnt mind then since I didn’t even create a Google Play store entry back then. Only now I learnt that there’s no way to upload a new APK with a new keystore.

Has anyone ever faced this kind of issue on the same machine without folder structure changes or anything ? I am totally puzzled that it successfully built 5 mins ago and then all of a sudden says its tampered now Any healp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million…

Solution of your problem…