Error launching unity player.Failed to load unity dll.

Hello. I try to play one game on Facebook. It’s called IAmPlayr. I’ve played it before on the same computer.Before 2 weeks i re-install my windows and after that this problem appear and i can’t fix it. First i ask the game manufactures and with their help i try some sollutions but it didn’t help. I update my video driver to latest version, install full version of unity player and still no change. They redirect me to you, so i hope you can help me. I attach pic with what my problem is. Thank you in advance.

alt text

One of the possible causes is SSE2 instruction set enabled in the latest builds while you are running a non-SSE2 CPU. More detail at . Until the developers fix this (if ever), the interim solution is to use the workaround posted in that topic, namely revert to version 3.5.2f2.