Error launching unity player on Mac

Hi, I tried to reinstall the unity web player plugin several times, but I always get the error launching unity player message (with Firefox) when testing it there: or anywhere else that uses unity. I have updated my OS. I tried with all 3 differents files for Mac available to download and still not working with Firefox.

I just tested with Safari and it works there. Sadly I never use Safari and would really like it to work with Firefox.

I see the plugin in my add-ons of Firefox but doesn't work.

Firefox 3.6.13. Model Name: MacBook Pro Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz

any help appreciated

Maybe you should uninstall all Unity plugins and then reinstall the latest webplayer.

Take a look at this answer: How do I uninstall the Unity Webplayer?

Bang heads on the wall!!! Forgot to empty the trash !!! lol thanks a bunch!

Go to "/Libraries/Internet Plug-Ins/" and look for a directory called "Unused". If you see the plugin in there, drag it up one directory to "/Libraries/Internet Plug-Ins/" then delete the "Unused" directory. Reload your browsers and it should work.