"Error Launching Unity Player"

Whatever Unity content I try to load, I always get this error message. Latest version of the Unity Player. On Firefox updated to last version (3.6.13). Mac OSX Leopard updated to last version too. Any known solutions to this? I re-installed the Unity many times over already.

Hi, I had the same problem and it was about my proxy.

If you see the code of the page, you will see this link: http://webplayer.unity3d.com/download_webplayer-3.x/UnityWebPlayer.cab

Its a .Cab file and inside is the .Exe file.

My proxy have blocked the .Cab, so, I have download the .cab in another computer that not block this extension and copied the .exe inside the .cab, installed and played!

Try to paste this link in your browser and see if you can download, if you can, extract the .exe file and install it, make sure you have administrator permission to install softwares.

I'm not sure what fixed it. But I just installed the latest update for OSX (The one that includes the App store.) This seems to have fixed the error. I assume there where some driver updates in there too.