Error “Missing target object for UnityEngine.GameObject.gameObject” while using Node Get Game Object

Hello! I faced the following problem:

My logic checks whether the player has clicked on the desired object or not. I suggested that it is possible to fire a conditional ray from the camera, which will check the place where the mouse clicked and what is in this place. I wanted to do this with Node Camera Screen Point To Ray. Next, I turn the conditional ray from the camera into a physical one using Node Physicale Raycast. If the mouse click hits the desired object, then using Node Get Rigidbody and Node Get Game Object I wanted to get this object.

However, when checking, I got an error in Node Get Game Object “Missing target object for UnityEngine.GameObject.gameObject”.

Please tell me, am I using the wrong Node or do I need to add an additional one? If so, which one? Or is the logic in general wrong?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

@k1shka, You need to get collider instead of rigidbody, may be your raycast hit the object which does not contains an rigidbody.