error solution

Hi, Im absolute beginner, Trying to setup a simple google vr scene. when Im trying to play the scebe these 2 errors pops up :

Assets/GoogleVR/Legacy/Scripts/Internal/VRDevices/GvrDevice.cs(90,10): warning CS0618: UnityEngine.GL.IssuePluginEvent(int)' is obsolete: IssuePluginEvent(eventID) is deprecated. Use IssuePluginEvent(callback, eventID) instead.’

Assets/GoogleVR/Scripts/Video/GvrVideoPlayerTexture.cs(595,7): error CS1622: Cannot return a value from iterators. Use the yield return statement to return a value, or yield break to end the iteration

anyone ? thanks.

Google has verified this a bug. The temporary fix is to use yield break;

not a coder , how to fix it , where to use yield break ?