Error "The best overload for the method" "is not compatible with the argument list"

I used some code from a tutorial but when I use it I get

“Assets/my assets/Scripts/Gizmo.js(7,29): BCE0017: The best overload for the method ‘UnityEngine.Gizmos.DrawWireCube(UnityEngine.Vector3, UnityEngine.Vector3)’ is not compatible with the argument list ‘(System.Type, System.Type)’.”

Here is my code

var radius : float;
var color : Color;

function OnDrawGizmos ()
	Gizmos.color = color;
	Gizmos.DrawWireCube (transform.position, radius);

This code worked fine in the video

Gizmos.DrawWireCube only takes Vector3 as arguments, you’re passing it radius which is a float. Try doing this:

Gizmos.DrawWireCube(transform.position, new Vector3(radius, radius, radius));

Since you have a variable called radius, I assume you meant to draw a sphere?

Gizmos.DrawWireSphere (transform.position, radius);