Error to build Apk in Unity 2022.3.4.f1 (Fedora 38)

I’m having trouble creating a Build Apk. It already happened to me, I spent 2 days reading and it seems that no one else has this problem. I have created 2 projects and both give the same error.
I use Fedora 38 but it seems that is not the problem.

Guys, I found the solution. It seems that the NDK that Unity gives you has errors, so it occurred to me to download the NDK but from Android Studio and to my surprise it worked! You just have to go to Android Studio SDK Manager and download the version of NDK that Unity uses (23.1.7779620). Now you have to put the correct path of your version of your NDK (23.1.7779620) of Android Studio in Unity and that’s it.