Error UCE0001 ";"Expected

Hi! I have this code and it says insert “;” but i have it there already There.

var pScore:GUIText;
var eScore:GUIText;
static var Str : String;

function OnGUI()
	pScore.text = "Player Score: " + Ball.PlayerScore;
	eScore.text = "Enemy Score: " +Ball.EnemyScore;

function Update()
	if(Ball.EnemyScore > 3)
		Time.timeScale 0.0; //Over Here

put Time.timeScale = 0.0; you forgot about equals)

what it was telling you is that , it doesn’t see how 0.0 relates to Time.timeScale, since there is no equals.

Therefor it expects that 0 begins a new line

You forgot “=”.

Should be: Time.timeScale = 0.0;

The errors are not always correct, always check around the area where the errors pops up for anything.