Error uploading assets

I’m getting an error when trying to upload an updated package.
It says Error receiving response from server (-1): WebPlayer asset bundles can no longer be built in 5.4.

  • I’m not trying to build any asset bundles
  • My target platform is set to Mac OSX x86 which isn’t important as it’s an editor extension
  • I published this package several times with no problems
  • Asset Store Tools is up to date
  • Unity version is 5.4.2

Any ideas or help from the team?


I had this issue, and it was because i loaded one of my scripts as an asset to (preview and showcase) in my package.
I re-uploaded my package with out a preview of my script, and this error went away

So I tried to delete the Library, obj and Temp folders and now what I get is this:

Is anyone else having this problem?