Error vertexCount > 60000

Hi all,

I was developing in mac and now i am following in windows, and when I opened the scene I got this error. And I have no idead what is this about...

vertexCount > 60000 UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()

Any hwlp will be very wellcome.


The 3d models you use in your scene are restricted to less than 60000 vertices. These are the edges of triangles your model is composed of. Let me guess:

  • You made the perfect 3d model for some game object.
  • You downloaded a high poly 3d model from the internet.

After adding it to the scene you got this error.

However I don't know why it works on mac but not on windows. Maybe you checked the older version without the new model on mac. Maxbe you tested a different scene, ...

Unity may add extra vertices to your object to improve performance. I'd suggest going into your modelling app and reducing the number of polygons, and then re-importing it into Unity.

Also Unity has these limits for performance reasons. You may want to adhere to them and bring in your objects with much less detail. Flirting around the 60k vert limit for a model is just asking for performance issues down the line on your target markets computers/devices.

You may also want to try turning off dynamic batching.

Under Edit -> Project Settings -> Player Settings -> Other Settings

You can also break up your model in several parts in your modeling application. Re-import the pieces individually and re-assemble within Unity. If you stay below 60000 vertices per object, you'll be fine.