Error when accessing a script from another script (iOS)

Hey there unity answers! hopefully you can help me out.

My iOS game plays totally fine, until I try to refer to a specific script I have. whether I'm trying to call a function that exists within it, store a script from it, anything.

Here is an example of the code in a script called SceneManager.js, that (if I leave un-commented out, errors)

var reMakeMods_Script : creatorMod = (FindObjectOfType(creatorMod) as creatorMod);
//where creatorMod.js is the script that's giving me a hard time

It gives me an error that states: BCE0022: Cannot convert 'UnityEngine.Object' to 'UnityEngine.GameObject' and points me to this line of code, in creatorMod.js where I'm creating some gameObjects to be used, based off of a prefab i have stored through the inspector, into the GameObject var called modCube.

var instance : GameObject = Instantiate (modCube, Vector3(column*1.1, row* -1.1, -3), Quaternion.Euler(90,0,0));

I should probably mention that this line of code exists in a function that is called in the Start() function of the creatorMod.js file.

again :/ for some reason it really doesn't seam to matter what type of scripting I try to do, it gives me this same error at the same line. Which makes me think it is a larger issue... Any tips are VERY appreciated! :) Also, if you know of any other info you would like me to provide, I will gladly do so!

I believe that when you go to iOS, you get "strong types" thats the pragma prefix that requirers you to explicit tell the type of every single variable. It makes the code run faster too I've read, but its also required for iOS development.