Error when loading external url for video player on ios build

If i dynamiccaly load an url for a videoplayer on mac it works correctly but when build and play on iphone i receive this error:

CredStore - performQuery - Error copying matching creds.  Error=-25300, query={
    class = inet;
    "m_Limit" = "m_LimitAll";
    "r_Attributes" = 1;
    sync = syna;

This is the function:

public void WI_PlayVideo(string target, string video)

        MyVideo = GameObject.Find(target).GetComponent<VideoPlayer>();

        if (MyVideo == null)
            Debug.Log("player non trovato");
            //here there's the file name that is public whithout credential request
            MyVideo.url = "" + video;


Anyone have idea of what credential ios asking to me?

I run into the same error as you.
I am using Unity 2017.4.3 if that helps and it works fine in the editor on android and gearVR.

I even checked if I allow arbitrary loads on IOS and I have the following in my plists:


( This was suggested here: ios - CredStore Perform Query error - Stack Overflow )

@simonegarza did you find a workaround? Since I still struggle to find one.

For me the error was in the format of video, try to upload another type of video format.