Error when try get player data from CLOUD-SAVE Unity.Services.CloudSave.Internal.Http.JsonObject

I’m using the unity service to manipulate my cloud saves, and when I try to get a value from the cloud save it returns Unity.Services.CloudSave.Internal.Http.JsonObject instead of returning the expected value.

public static HashSet<string> SaveValues = new()

public async Task LoadData()
    Dictionary<string, Unity.Services.CloudSave.Models.Item> savedData = await CloudSaveService.Instance.Data.Player.LoadAsync(SaveValues);

    var results = await CloudSaveService.Instance.Data.Player.LoadAllAsync();
    Debug.LogWarning("SAVEEE:" + results["Money"].Value);

Cloud Save 3.0.0 · October 03, 2023

The Value item you are trying to display is of type IDeserializable.
You can access the value by using either

  • GetAs() for generic values
  • or GetAsString() for string value
Debug.LogWarning("SAVEEE:" + results["Money"].Value.GetAs<int>());

Hope it helps. Good luck for the rest :slight_smile: