error While Posting Game Hiscore on Facebook


I am trying to post Game Hiscore on Facebook. When I post Hiscore on my Facebook app developer id. It works but when I try to post on another Facebook Id. it doesn’t, it shows error
“An error occurred. Please try again later”

I am using this script

public class FBPost : MonoBehaviour {

private const string FACEBOOK_APP_ID = "758259544241078";

private const string FACEBOOK_URL = "";

private const string LINK = "";

private const string NAME = "I am playing Dart Shooter";

private  string CAPTION = "";

private string DESCRIPTION = "";

private const string PICTURE = "";

private const string REDIRECT_URI = "";

private const string TWITTER_ADDRESS = "";

private const string TWEET_LANGUAGE = "en";

public void FacebookShare()


		string hiscore = PreviewLabs.PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("Hiscore").ToString ();
		DESCRIPTION = "MY HISCORE : " + hiscore;
	Application.OpenURL (FACEBOOK_URL + "?app_id=" + FACEBOOK_APP_ID +
	                     "&link=" + WWW.EscapeURL (LINK) +
	                     "&name=" + WWW.EscapeURL (NAME) +
	                     "&caption=" + WWW.EscapeURL (CAPTION) + 
	                     "&description=" + WWW.EscapeURL (DESCRIPTION) + 
	                     "&picture=" + WWW.EscapeURL (PICTURE) + 
	                     "&redirect_uri=" + WWW.EscapeURL (REDIRECT_URI));


Thanks in advance

There might be two possible issues:

  1. wrong app ID
  2. make sure your facebook app has a green dot next to it in developer panel.

When I changed your appID with this id 1443948685857569 your code worked.

This is due to Facebook not granting your app the publish_actions permission. To use publish_actions your app must go through facebooks approval process. Till then only the developer can use publish_actions.