ERROR: why is showing red OnControllerColliderHit?

Why is my script is showing red OnControllerColliderHit? Does it have to be Javascript or is there another way I can use it as an example of using UnityEngine.UI;


Could you please attach an image or some code to your message so we can better see what’s going on?

Anyway, I’ve never heard of something needing Javascript in order to run properly! :slight_smile:

I’ve figured out a red error, it only works when it comes to

void OnControllerColliderHit(ControllerColliderHit hit)

However, I am having a problem with a using System.Collections.Generic; that is not showing blue because it did not do anything to trigger a box to be moved by a player. Also, I can’t use Javascript which explains why. I used C# and my player is a character controller.