Error with Plugin on Windows Phone 8

Hello. I’m trying to port a project to Windows Phone 8, and it uses a Plugin. It works fine on pc (using a DLL) but I understand that WP8 does not support DLLs, so I’ve followed the steps in the Unity Manual to work around this.

I’ve created a new Visual Studio project, selected “DLL (Windows Phone 8)” from the project options, built the DLL and placed it into the Assets/Plugins/WP8 folder. However, it’s not working. I’d appreciate any suggestions or thoughts on anything I’ve missed.

Edit: The game builds and runs on the phone, and everything in the scene not dependent on the plugin works fine. The plugin itself is giving the following error:
“Dllimport can not be used on user defined methods.”

Dll works fine on Windows Phone 8 but Windows 8 phone are not supported certain namespaces or functions .

Unity support Mono .Net 2.0 but runtime .Net 3.5 not beyond that but Windows 8 phone uses .Net 4.5 that why we have to put two dll on fake or other real as discuss in unity windows 8 phone plugin manual.

I think there are some namespace that you uses in dll that not supported on windows 8 phone platform.

if possible can you share that dll with me