Errors When using Unity Teams

I am new to using unity teams I am using unity for school and I'm trying to learn all the ins and outs so our latest project has us using unity teams to develop a game but our teacher doesn't know anything about unity and this is her first year teaching it so she gives me the same advice I find on my own. So here is my problem when we first started I was getting an IP address error when I tried sharing the project, so we tried having him share it It seemed to have worked on the surface but now I'm getting random compiler errors, my script (for moving a ball around) isn't even loading in correctly where I cant edit the public variables, and I cant even play test the game because of the compiler errors. I apologize I'm horrible at explaining things, but if anyone has any Ideas I'd Appreciate it.

Sorry, this is the Remote Config forum. Do you mean Unity Collab? You probably want to post here, good luck on your project!