Errors with shaders/materials on newer iOS devices

Hey there, I’m having a strange error drawing the ground object for my game on newer iOS devices

The ground in my game has a sand coloured material as well as shadows from other objects falling onto it. However, for some reason, half of it gets drawn white and no shadows are applied. (see image below)

It happens only on iPhones 5S and newer. It does not happen on Android. Since it only happens on devices running Metal Graphics I figured it had something to do with that. I deleted Metal from the Auto Graphics API list in the Player Settings. It is now using OpenGLES 3.0 then 2.0 as the graphics API but it is still occurring (I will try removing 3.0 and just use 2.0 and see if the error persists).

Just wondering if there is anyone else who has gotten this error and if they have figured a way to fix it?

alt error-image

alt shader

The answer is to use mobile diffuse shader on mobile devices. It’s more guaranteed to work.

Follow up question:
@jaysbays says:

This worked, thank you! Any idea why the shadows now slightly flicker (they look like they are wobbling back and forth) whenever the camera moves?

That’s tough, sounds like the shadow quality. You would thin the shadows would be just fine onto mobile diffuse shaders, but maybe not. You could try deferred lighting. If your level is not generated you could bake the lights and likely have better results.