Escape Puzzle Game Question

Hi Guys,
I have a question which is more of workflow question then a specific one. I hoping some of you can help me out or point me to some resources I can read. I asked uncle Google but can’t seem to find anything.

I’m trying to create an “Escape” puzzle game. Kind of like these:

You get the idea.

My question is, are those scenes a 3D environments (actual game objects) or are they just rendered JPEGs? I would think it would be better if it is a 3D environment, but I want to make a game with a storyline, not just random levels, so it would be about 100 levels, so I’m worried about the file size. These are just things that I thinking about before I start.

Any advice, suggestion and notes would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Stan.

I haven’t played the games you posted above, but from the screenshots and videos, they look to be simple 3d environments which have been rendered out as images, (jpegs,pngs or whatever).

It would be relatively straightforward to have a hi res picture/rendering of a detailed, ornate table, then place a realtime 3d object on top which the user can manipulate, like a cube which can be rotated, a box which opens/closes and so on.

Using 2d images to fake the 3d would probably keep your file size down, though it depends on what you actually want to achieve. Bear in mind that the game: Riven, (Myst sequel) is 2D and is several GB in size, whereas Zelda: Ocarina of Time is unbelieveably about 40 meg!

for 2D games, an environment is created is 3D, then individual animations and effects are rendered out into appropriate still images or movie files. These are layered and the different effects triggered using code, such as playing a “doorOpen” animation when you tap the picture of a door.

As some examples of games which take different approaches, The Room is completely 3D:

whereas, games by FireMaple are totally 2D:

I’m yet to look into using Unity to create games of this type, but with the upcoming 2D tools, I can’t imagine it’d be very difficult to implement.

Is that the kind of info you were looking for?