Essential math for games

I barely got to high school and I always loved video games.I then wanted to learn how to make them and
headed to unity but realised that I needed math in order to work with the engine and make games.
I am asking if I cold have a list of all the basic and more advanced mathematics necessary to develop a game. Tank you all for the help.

You can check this guy out: Math for Game Developers - YouTube

His aproach is very visual and easy to understand.

Also you should consider learning a programming language. For unity I would sugest C#. If you google Unity C# tutorial, there is a ton of content on the web about that.

The majority of stuff is basically middleschool math; Addition, subtraction, multiply, divide. Nothing serious.

But depending on what you are doing you’ll need to understand how Vectors work. It’s really not super terrible and if can understand visual descriptions you will probably find enough dumbed-down material to explain how the more complex stuff works. Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand everything about Vectors right out of the gate, just piece it together when you need it and take it as slow as you need.

Unity’s Learn section has great videos on fundamental scripting and covers vector maths. I would highly recommend doing the project tutorials like the Stealth Project and such.

Unity has a Vector Workshop sort of page, but it might be a little too complicated right now. Just glance through if so and try to fully understand the right-hand-rule if anything.

When it comes to quaternions, just forget about it until you understand vectors. Unless its a simple rotation to rotation or basic function then try to avoid them whenever possible and if you do use them be sure to comment in some easy to understand language about what is happening. is also a really awesome site for beginners.

Hope that helps! =)