eulerAngles + quaternion + car = help!?!

hi i am trying to make a car that runs on physics. what i have now is all the wheels have colliders and rigidbodys and hingeJoints to make them pivot. i am using `rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque` to make the wheel spin.

but what i am trying to do now it make the car steer. I dont know how to rotate objects using physics. so i am using the `transform.eulerAngles` or `transform.rotation` but. it does not seem to work.

Please Help!

You already had it - rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque on the car itself, around Vector3.up

You should use wheelcolliders rather than attempting to implement wheels by spinning your own wheel-shaped rigidbody objects.

You don't turn or roll the WheelCollider object, they just stay fixed in a static position relative to the car. You apply torque to them and "Steer" them by adjusting values on the wheelcollider, and they will apply force to the car as appropriate.

One of the reasons for using this is that if you try to spin a regular wheel fast enough to make a car travel at high speed, the wheel might have to rotate more than a complete 360 turn each frame, which the physics engine cannot realistically simulate.

The wheel collider also simulates the dynamic and non-linear grip that a wheel provides, which is very difficult to simulate using a regular physics rigidbody.