Event and methode names for C#

I've some knowledge in 3d modeling and with c# so I started to create a game with Unity 3D. But it seems my c# skills doesn't use really much. I can't create a new timer, I have to use the "Update"-Function and I also don't know all the new possibilitys Unity 3D has. So my two questions:

Where can I look what the names of the events are? For Example "OnGUI", "FixedUpdate",etc?

Where can I look up all the new methods? Like Object.Angle, .Position , .Speed,...?

Just go to the scripting reference and type in whatever you're interested in in the search box on the left. (For messages/callbacks, check out the MonoBehaviour class. For math, check out Mathf, Vector2/3/4, Matrix4x4, etc.)