Event.current.keyCode doesnt return shift

Im using this code:
void OnGUI()
//Set keyBeingPressed
if (Event.current.keyCode != KeyCode.None)
keyBeingPressed = Event.current.keyCode;

When I press a button keyBeingPressed becomes equal to it except when I press shift then it just becomes none… I’ve tried with my default danish keyboard and with an english keyboard…

Look into EventModifiers for use in event.modifiers. They’re for the keys intended to adapt usage of other keys. Similarly, there’s “shift” for that key specifically.

I agree with @Eno-Khaon , but the EventModifiers functionality for the Shift key is not returning while in the editor in unity 5.6.1f1.
I’m not sure if the functionality is working in the standalone build but in the editor the Shift key is not registering at all.