Event sent by Legacy despite being disabled

I am implementing Analytics UGS on a project, but I am facing an issue. I have 2 environments: “production” and "development”. I am using a custom UserID, in “development”, I am receiving my custom events normally with the custom UserID.

However, in production, the “gameStarted”, “gameRunning”, and “gameEnded” events are also triggered with the automatically generated UserID. When displaying raw JSON of the events in Event Browser, the sdkMethod: UA1_SDKLESS indicates that these events are sent by Unity’s Legacy Analytics.

I checked to see if “Legacy” was disabled, and it is.
I have also changed the projectID and reverted to the previous version of Analytics UGS (4.4.1).

I do not understand why these events are also being sent in production. I have implemented Analytics on another project in the same way without this problem.

(Unity 2021.3.22)

Hi @iris_vlt ,

Thanks for reaching out to the support team! That is indeed odd, could you share your Organization ID & Project ID with me via PM? It looks like you've done some good investigation work already. Which Unity SDKs do you currently have in this project? Are you using IAP?



I have PM you my organization ID and the project ID.
I added the analytical library only to check if it is disabled.
I also added the multiplayer HLAPI 1.1.1.
I don't use IAP.

I just noticed the same problem on a 3rd project as well. The only difference I see with the 1st project that works is the version of Unity, which is 2020.3.23.
The other 2 are in 2021.3.22.



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I'm having the same issue. I'm using an environment other than "production" and have disabled Legacy Analytics. However, "production" still reports clientDevice, gameRunning, gameStarted and gameEnded events.

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+1 for this exact same issue. Unity Legacy is disabled (its not even available under Windows > General > Services), using Unity 2021.3.15f1, Analytics Package 4.4.2, we're not using IAP or anything that says Analytics is a dependency either. These are only the standard events, gameRunning, started, etc that are going to our environment labeled 'production' and they all contain the field "UA1_SDKLESS" for the sdkMethod, custom events go to the correct place as expected.

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Hey @nh92 , @helgrind21 , @iris_vlt ,

I understand you're recording Legacy Analytics (UA1_SDKLESS) events without wanting to. One potential solution for you is to disable all UA1_SDKLESS events. Is that something you'd be interested in? If so, please DM me with your Organization ID, Project ID, and we can blacklist the project going forward.


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