Event systm, button onclick() questions

I have googled this and looked and have not found the answers I am looking for so don’t be one of those dutchbags and say “well, I did a google search”…

  1. So using the UI button script onclick() event, does it matter what order they are in? Is there a order they fire? Is this different from windows verses android? I’ve had a lot of issues with onclick() in unity 5.35 not working right firing stuff so this may help resolve it. or it may be a bug.

2)On the event system ‘standalone inout module’ and ‘tuch input module’, what does ‘force module active’ do?
3) If I have a game that is touch (android) and mouse (windows), do I force both of them? or what would be the best setting.


A few pieces of advice…

  • Don’t ask multiple questions in a single post. Break them up into individual posts so you can get more targeted responses.
  • Don’t call potential responders “dutchbags”. They might not like it. Especially if they’re Dutch…

Regarding #1.

If you wire multiple methods to a single OnClick event, I don’t think you’re guaranteed of any particular call order. If you really need to enforce a particular order, just call a single method in OnClick and have that method call all of your other methods in the order you require.

Regarding #2 - I don’t know (hence the "don’t ask multiple questions in 1 post comment).