Event Trigger won't fire

Trying to get triggers working on a game object so that when I click on my game object it fires a method. I have an Event System and a Event Trigger working on a UI element in the scene already but it was a little quirky when I was trying to get it to work and now I seem to be experiencing the same quirkiness with this new game object.

The new game object is a prefab this time with a Canvas component that I placed on it and an Event Trigger. Am I missing a key thing to how Event Triggers work? I compared my new trigger set up to the one I have in the same scene that is working but I can’t see anything different between the two.

Here’s a screenshot of the set up in the inspector.



add a 2d polygon collider to the sprite and then use this method

void OnMouseDown()
		Debug.Log ("call your function here");

Event Trigger is for the new Unity UI. You can just write a script and put it in the player object. You want to call the function OnMouseDown() then the code you want to fire what ever it is you want to fire.

EDIT: If its a certain button you want to fire, you can simply make the button and use onclick on that instead. nothing should really be changed with event trigger.

Just Add Event System from
Right Click in Herirchy ->UI-> Event System.

I’m new to Unity. I had an issue with getting a trigger to work and it turns out I added the wrong trigger to my object. Even thought it was setup correctly it wasn’t ever triggering. Double check the trigger you added to the object to ensure its the correct one for that object. In my case it was a simple mistake I added a 3D trigger to a 2D object.