event validator

Anybody can help and tell me where to find event validator in order to double check if my analytics custom events goes through or not? as I only see one out of three in data explorer.

Thank you

Another way to confirm that your Analytics events are sent is to put them inside Debug.Log() statements. This will display the result of the analytics method, and if there is an error, what the error is:

The Validator can currently be found in two places: 1) on the Analytics dashboard and 2) in the Unity Editor.

Note: The Validator will only show events sent from Development Builds or the Editor.

  1. In the Analytics Dashboard, on the Integration tab, you can click Basic Integration to see your recent events.

  1. In the Unity Editor, in the Services window (CTRL + 0), it can be found in the Analytics section.

Note: This window must be open to show events here.