EventTrigger dont work as child of panel

I would like to get the new UI system to work but have encountered some strange behavior.

I have a UI element (image) with a attached EventTrigger set to fire a method on pointerDown, this “button” works fine when it is just below the canvas in the hierarchy but when I move it so it becomes a child of a Panel it stopped working.

So my question is: How can i get the EventTrigger to fire even if the object is a child of a panel?

Update: Here are some pictures of the hierarchy, canvas(ui), panel and image/button. I am using Unity 5.3.2. I’m sure there is something simple that I’m missing but I just cant find it.



First of all check that is your Hierarchy contains the EventSystem ?

Then I did the same as you mentioned and it is working fine.
So please check you hierarchy.

I’m putting the screenshot. May be that help you a little