Everyplay: Deleting uploaded videos


I’ve integrated Everyplay in my app made with Unity and everything works fine.

My only issue is that, during testing phase I uploaded some videos to the everyplay site. After sharing, it asked me for a username, sometimes I wrote one, sometimes I didn’t (and Everyplay assigned one to that video, like ‘PlayerXXXXX’. Didn’t ask me to register, so no password or e-mail was asked for that user.

Now I’d like to delete those videos, and the way the Everyplay site tells how to do it is by logging with the username that uploaded it, seems legit, but I have no way to do it, as it asks me for a password that I never entered. Tried the ‘Forgot your password’ option, but then it asks me for the email account I used when creating the user, and again, I never entered a password.

So… Is there any way I can delete those videos from my game everyplay site?



I sent a tweet to everyplay and they replied with this info:

“Send email to support@everyplay.com with the video urls if no email is attached to the account.”

Hopefully that helps!

We ran into similar issues and found a way to delete these videos…

Luckily, on each of our devices the temporary username we created was still saved. So we recorded another in-app session, and then shared it to Everyplay with that temporary username already stored.

THEN, while we were still in the everyplay system, we navigated to the Game page, and underneath ‘Members’ found our temporary user.

We then tapped on that specific user, which the Everyplay recognized as our own username’s profile. A settings icon appeared up on top (the cog), we were able to tap into that and SET a password.

We did that for all of our testing devices (4 temporary usernames in all), and by setting passwords we were able to delete the replays from Everyplay by logging into the system on a separate machine.

That really should be an easier way, for instance the Admin of the Game page should be able to remove any videos at any time… and perhaps there is - but we haven’t found it yet.