Everyplay integration problems with facebook and mail button does nothing

I’m trying to configure Everyplay into my game. So far it works fine but the Modal Share has some issues.

  1. Facebook icon – Says Given URL is not allowed by the application. I have the url in the facebook app developers settings under platform website, and I have the domains listed in the ios settings, but I’m not exactly sure how to configure it for Everyplay.

  2. Mail icon-- I click on it and nothing happens.

Is there any way to customize this modal dialog?
I’m having trouble finding answers to these questions after looking around for a while.

Hi @dansav,

  • Regarding FB sharing: If you are using the FB SDK in your app, it needs a configuration at our end without which you cannot share. However, we recently released a fix (not SDK related, but service related) where we are by-passing this. So, you should be able to share now on FB without issues. Please try again.

  • Mail: Do you have your email configured on your device?

  • Is there any way to customise this modal dialog?
    No. However in the future, we will be releasing an update which supports custom theming where you can customise the visual outlook of Everyplay so that it fits your art style better.

Hope that helps! For further issues, consider sending an email to support@everyplay.com