Everyplay — not working


I’m trying to integrate Everyplay plugin into existing iOS game, testing on iPhone 4S.

Empty project with Everyplay plugin installed alone works fine; Everyplay.IsRecordingSupported() returns true, test record button is enabled, and video is recording. However importing this plugin to existing game makes this method to return false (on the same device), and test button becomes disabled.

Do you have any suggestions?


You should make sure that you have enabled Everyplay for iOS from the Edit / Everyplay Settings menu. You should also check that your PlayerSettings (iOS) contains a scripting define symbol EVERYPLAY_IPHONE. If it is missing, retoggle Everyplay iOS checkbox and it should appear. Incase you are using version control, you should remember to add the changed player settings there too. If the scripting define symbols does get lost after each build, some other plugin might override them.

If those both are ok, you should next read the log to see if the Everyplay post processing has failed for some reason. One known issue is the PlayHaven plugin which will convert the xCode project file from ascii plist to xml plist which will cause Everyplay to be unable to edit the xCode project since it can only edit the ascii based project file. If this is the case you should see “Wrong file format” inside the log.

Incase you don’t have the Everyplay settings menu at all, you should upgrade to the latest version of Everyplay from the Asset Store.