Everyplay recording causes flickering on Android

I have Everypaly integrated into a game, but on certain devices (Samsung Galaxy S3 for example and other older phones) it causes flickering of the ship. Example: https://everyplay.com/videos/23798369

Built with Unity 5.0.3f, same with 5.3.
Changing the shader on the material doesn’t fix the issue.

It works on iOS perfectly. Works on Galaxy S4 and Nexus5.

Anyone saw the same issue and has a solution?

I think the problem is the low framerate on this devices. Running Everyplay is lowering the framerate, because of the recordings process.

I think if you would check, if everyplay is ready for recording on your device it could be that you alwas will get a ‘false’ as return value, because of unsupported cpu or graphic chips in this devices.

On my Huawei Ascend P6 I have the same problem, but not every time. Depends on what other processes run in background.