everyplay video local file

what is the exact PATH to read the video local file generated by everyplay ?

???/tmp/Everyplay/sessions/[Strange numbers]/screen-001.mp4?

I made a function for retrieving the videos on iOS and Android. You’ll find the results on iOS to be a bit disappointing I’ll warn you. The video will be upside down (vertically inverted) and I found it was not possible to upload it to Facebook either. Android seems to work very well though! Don’t forget to import System.IO.

static string GetVideoPath ()

		var root = new DirectoryInfo(Application.persistentDataPath).Parent.FullName;
		var everyplayDir = root + "/tmp/Everyplay/session";


		var root = new DirectoryInfo(Application.temporaryCachePath).FullName;
		var everyplayDir = root + "/sessions";


		var files = new DirectoryInfo(everyplayDir).GetFiles("*.mp4", SearchOption.AllDirectories);
		var videoLocation = "";

		// Should only be one video, if there is one at all
		foreach (var file in files) {
			videoLocation = "file://" + file.FullName;
			videoLocation = file.FullName;

		return videoLocation;