Everything Black and white after loading the project with plastic SCM

After syncing my Unity to the latest Plastic SCM changeset, everything in the scene tab turns black and white, and in the game tab, all the materials and visual effects that should be different colors are either black or white.

Scene view b&w

When I click on the main camera, the preview that shows up in the bottom right corner of the scene view works correctly, and the color is there which is even more weird to me.:

The preview windows has color when Camera is selected^^

Now when I create a new camera and delete the old one, the color appears in the Game window, but not is still b&w in the scene tab???:

Game view with the new Camera that now has color^^
Scene View with the new Camera that still dosn’t have Color??

Lastly, if I create a new Scene I get the same results as when I create a new Camera. Scene = b&w and Game = Color:

New Scene with same results as with the new Camera

I will add that all I did is change to the latest changeset on my laptop to be able to do some developing when at the seaside. So I checked in my latest work from my home desktop before I left for the seaside but now when I updated my laptop project I get this b&w problem for some reason. Furthermore, I asked my colleague to try and switch to my latest version, and his works fine. No b&w problem or anything. His works just like the one I have on my home desktop.

This is a really weird problem to me and quite frustrating. I hope someone can help me fix it. Tomorrow I’ll just try re-installing the remote project from the start but I hate doing that since that ALWAYS brings some weird problems like always.

Thanks for the help in advance and I hate Plastic SCM! :v: