Everything is pink in scene and game window after updated to 5.4.0, any one know solution for this?

Check your materials. Pink is an indicator of a ‘missing’ material / texture.

My engine when I change the Main Camera settings on Inspector/Clear Flags to ‘Skybox’, it becomes pink, and when I put it ‘Solid Color’, it seems fixed. But I don’t know what is happening… I’m new on unity.
but my system on job is 32 bits. my notebook is 64 bits, it works normally.

As @Cynikal said, Check your materials,

Or as I said here

If you post a photo, it would help us on the forum a LOT. In addition, Ways they can be lost if you are wondering :

  • Material was deleted
  • Plain out corrupted
  • Object was removed, then readded too quickly

Ways you can find it :

  1. If you have a backup, restore that backup.
  2. Find it in the editor, make the item again, then apply the material.

Hope it all gets resolved.

im having the same problem, It happened after following a tutorial for lightweight rendering pipeline where I had to upgrade the materials to the lightweight mapping