Everything Relating to NavMesh Agent Crashes Editor,Everything Relating to NavMesh Agent Crashes Unity

I am working on a 3D project. My scene contains collider-equipped meshes, lights, and (of course) a NavMesh. Trying to view anything relating to NavMesh Agent in the inspector crashes the editor immediately. Clicking on a prefab that has an Agent attached, navigating to the Agent tab of the NavMesh window, adding an Agent component to an object; all of these things cause the editor to instantly crash. Do any of you know why this is happening and/or how to fix it?,I am working on a 3D project and currently, there’s only a couple of scenes. The one that needs NavMesh just has a bunch of collider-equipped meshes, some lights, and, of course, the NavMesh itself. Now for the problem: showing anything relating to the NavMesh Agent in any part of the inspector crashes the whole engine. Clicking on a prefab with an Agent crashes it, clicking on the Agent tab in the NavMesh crashes it, adding an Agent component to an object crashes it. This is, obviously, a huge issue that I do not see any workaround for. Do you guy’s know what’s going on and how to fix it?

Same happens to me on 202.3.15f2 LTS