Everytime an Gameobjects hits an sertain Rotation an AudioClip should play

Read the title for my problem,

You can visit the code over Pastebin (Opens an external website)
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Code: using System.Collections;using System.Collections.Generic;using UnityEngine; - Pastebin.com

How it should work:
Everytime when the GameObject hits an sertain Z-Rotation an AudioSource / Audio Clip is starting playing.
The same with an other Z-Rotation (E.g Door Close / Open).

Thanks :slight_smile: !

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Door_Framework : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject DoorMesh;
public float DoorRotation;

public GameObject doorOpenGO;
public GameObject doorClosedGO;

void Start()
    AudioSource doorOpen = doorOpenGO.GetComponent<AudioSource>();
    AudioSource doorClosed = doorClosedGO.GetComponent<AudioSource>();

    DoorRotation = DoorMesh.transform.rotation.y;

void update()

DoorRotation = gameObject.transform.rotation.y;
    if (DoorRotation == 1.0f)

    if (DoorRotation == 7.0f)


Sorry, that it took so long. The hole thing is in VR and takes a bit longer.
The DoorRotation thing isnt working, the Door is rotated on the Y-Axes but it doesnt update in the Inspector & the Audio are missing.


@winterfluxstudio Btw the door is based on an Hingejoint, im not sure if this is important.