Everytime I turn the profiler on, my unity freezes

Pretty self explanatory, it’s like the display stops working…
Any idea what could fix that?

You might have some unpaired Profiler.BeginSample or Profiler.EndSample tags. That’s what was causing it for me at least

Re-install Unity. Definately doesn’t sound right.
If that don’t help I’d suggest contacting Unity support.

I have the same issue,
It happened when I installed last Unity 4.2 PRO and then I uninstalled it
and installed back Unity 3.5.7f6 PRO and mono stoped working - autocomplete and debugging especially.
and profiler stopped working also, so I uninstalled it again and reinstalled, and it seems
mono started to work but profiler is still stuck “Freezes”. Can it be, that there are some corrupted profiling
data which is unity trying to read as history and it fails because it’s corrupted?

Re-installing Unity does not help, I have OS X 10.8.4 snow leopard.
and my reason for downgrading is that new Unity completely broke our project and we don’t have time to repair every single thing.