Exactly when are inputs updated?

Let’s say we get GetAxis and move player in Update function. What we would do is check input and than move some distance based on Time.deltaTime, so time between this update and last update, since we base on deltaTime to calculate distance travelled it should mean that input was received during last update right? I mean we just say that since user clicked “left” 0.2 seconds ago it means that player would travel 0.2 *speed. But as far as I see Inputs are triggered just before Update Unity - Manual: Order of execution for event functions.
Does this mean that actually we don’t correctly calculate distance traveled? I understand that even if that’s true we won’t notice any difference.

Inputs get updated right before Update() usually this does not cause any reasonable time shift but yes there will be an input lag between real key press time and Update() method. This does not mean that you are calculating distance travelled false, just means you can not react input changes very precisely. but as you said too, this won’t create any change unless you are using Unity to simulating an interstellar probe’s trajectory which is moving at relativistic speeds :slight_smile: