Example of a working FBO texture copy for Android?

I’m trying to get a GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES texture into unity. The source is decoded video frames which must be sent to a GL texture with the EXTERNAL target set.

So I believe the only way to get that texture into unity is to take a unity texture and perform an FBO copy from the external texture to the texture managed by unity. I believe this is how vuforia does it, but I don’t believe they publish that source.

Does anyone have a working example or perhaps have another suggestion on how to get decoded video frames into unity android?

@s0phist I have the same question. Did you ever solve this?

You shouldn’t try to do this because the GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES spec is much more restictive than the GL_TEXTURE_2D spec. Blit the external texture to a regular GL_TEXTURE_2D target (using and off-screen FBO) then pass that texture to Unity.