Example of how to parse with txt file?

I need to find an example. I’ve searched all over I was hoping someone could help me out and write a simple example for me.

Something like this. .txt file and c# Script.

.txt file ---- starting from first line onwards

Q100: what color is snow?
Q101: what is the opposite of cold?
Q102: what is 100 / 2?

Questions & Answers
A100: Green
A100: Blue
A100: Red
*A100: White
*A101: Hot
A101: Cold
A101: Shrimp
A101: Taco
A102: 2
A102: 4
A102: 5

So the game will access the text file, and display a question, then, it will search for the # of the answers to go with it A100for example. and display all answers with that number. and the * meaning that is the correct answer.

Take a look at XmlReader