Example Projects?

Hello! Curious on experimenting with Sentis. Are there any example projects for it that we can dissect and learn from?

When you add the package to your project, if you go under the Samples tab for the Sentis package in the package manager, there is a relatively big list of them.


Thanks @MostHated , that is true. There is also a full project sample linked on the about page with an explainer video. We know this sample is not the best, so we are working on a few updated ones that are simpler and more game play-focused… those are coming in September, known is issue 88.

One of the videos mentioned using Sentis in relation to editor tools? I would like to throw it out there that I would certainly not mind seeing some examples of this. What specifically drew my attention was the possibility of utilizing object detection/categorization/grouping of Scene Objects as part of an editor tool. That would be very relevant to an asset/editor tool I am currently working on.

Looking through the list of examples, I didn’t see any that particularly sounded like they were geared toward that. I am all about jumping in and trying things out, but this stuff, in general, is foreign enough to me, that I have no idea where to even start to simply begin a trial and error phase.

Of course, I realize that things are still early and I am sure on the way. I just wanted to let it be known that there is at least one person interested in seeing those types of examples.

Thank you! The video was helpful to get started but im a bit confused why a screen edge detection effect was the first in-house example to be shown; especially when the presenter says its expensive to run and would recommend using a shader instead (I made the same effect 10 years ago in Unity; so Sentis doesn’t really unlock anything new for this). Having examples that show things that are only possible by using Sentis would be very helpful!

@MostHated Thank you, I will check those samples out!

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One of the example cases in this document lists NPC dialogs and NLP, as well as the promo trailer video on the top of this page that shows an alien NPC talking.
I don’t see any of those in the samples of the Sentis package. How do i access them?

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This demo is not available yet, it might be a tool later added in Unity. More about Unity Wētā Tools here: The power of Unity Wētā Tools for artists, workflows | Unity Blog

Hey folks; thanks for all the info so far!

However, because of the recent pricing announcement, I can not financially use Unity and Sentis for this project and will have to move to another technology instead. Good luck with future development!


For those wanting new examples, we have some new example models on Hugging Face.

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