Examples of graphical features in 0.7.1

Do examples of the new graphical features that were added to 0.7.1 exist? The release notes mention Environment Radiance (for direct system IBL sampling), Ambient, Blackbody, and Dielectric Specular.
It would be helpful to see them used in actual shader graphs and maybe even a little inspiring to see what cool results can be achieved that weren’t possible before :slight_smile:

Hello! For the PolySpatial Environment Radiance node, we don’t have an example in the samples package, but there’s a thread here where I posted a very simple shader graph using it to create an approximation of Apple’s frosted glass UI effect.

The other nodes are just standard Unity shader graph nodes (Ambient, Blackbody, Dielectric Specular), so you may be able to find examples elsewhere online that use those nodes on other platforms.

We would definitely like to include more samples in the future.

Thanks! The glass effect is a nice pointer on how to actually use the node :slight_smile:
I look forward to more samples.