I have add @2x pictures to my project and change player settings for ios (Target OS version, stripping lvl, Script call optimization) after that I was trying to run the Game on Ipad and… “EXC_BAD_ACCESS”.
Everything works fine in Unity.
I was trying to go back to oldest player settings - and still nothing.
By using Debug.log i track the line where bug was: “Resources.load(path)” i check the path, it was correct, I was trying to use “Resources.load(path,typeof(TextAsset) as TextAsset” - still nothing.
So… i just erase that line and… next bug at line “Startcoroutine(Function)”
Propably in this “Function” is more “Resources.Load<>()” cals…

I have no idea what is going on, please help -_-

EDIT: (Here is first bug)
string str = Resources.Load(“Localization/loc “+language+”/localizable”).text.Split(“;”);
the path is good - it works fine in unity.

That SHOULD be okay but I don’t know how much RAM your computer has. I’d recommend using StreamingAssets or AssetBundles instead. Maybe one day Unity will break Resources.assets into smaller pieces.