Exclude Temp folder from Perforce Helix Core

Good evening,
I’m trying to setup a small unity project with perforce helix core (on a server).
We are a small team of 4 people, never worked with perforce.
To my problem: Everytime I open Unity a Temp folder is created in my workspace. In the temp folder is a file called TutorialLayout.wlt. Unity now is throwing an Exception UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "E:\Perforce\workspace_b\project\Temp\TutorialLayout.wlt" is denied.

I think this is because every file is read-only before you Checkout, but checking out the whole project is kind of false workflow for me. I already added the Temp folder to the .p4ignore and the typemap.

Please help

Thanks, Basti

Hi Basti,

It appears that your Temp folder was pushed to the depot at some point, and its content is now under version control.

As you correctly pointed out, Perforce puts all controlled files in read-only mode as a way to force the checkouts.

If there is no need for the Temp folder to be under control, I suggest removing it from the depot and keeping only the local folder, which would no longer be shielded by Perforce.

For reference, this is the initial list of project folders that are normally synced to version control:

  • Assets
  • Packages
  • ProjectSettings

Hope this helps.